A history of water skiing legends

Regular Canstar read Terry Aseltine suggested a column on water-skiing, a sport that never had been covered in Memories of Sport.

Water-skiing in North America can be traced back to Lake Pepin in Minnesota in 1922. According to a history of the sport in our province produced by Water Ski Manitoba, a version of the sport was enjoyed in the Lac du Bonnet area later in the decade.

Water-skiing was mentioned on the society page of the Winnipeg Free Press in 1932. A photo of a water-skier had the cutline: “Introducing Water Skiing; a new aquatic sport; Miss Jane Carruthers, a prominent member of the younger set shown riding behind a fast moving motor boat.”

For the full story, see: https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/our-communities/column/A-look-back-at-local-water-skiing-legends-575322151.html

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