A wakeboarding champion’s favourite gear

Up and coming Junior Women’s World Champion Kira Lewis started riding six years ago in her home state of New Jersey.

In her short career, Lewis has won back to back World Titles at the 2018 WWA World Championships in Japan and at the 2019 WWA World Championships in Mexico.

This year, Kira took top honors in the Junior Pro Women’s division at the 2021 WWA Nautique Masters in Pine Mountain, Georgia. The youngster has been unstoppable winning each of the Malibu Junior Pro Tour events held so far in Utah, Texas, and Maryland.

Take a look at this rising star’s favourite wakeboarding gear:

Wakeboard: Ronix Krush 128

This board has a rocker line designed to assist a rider in a relaxed and neutrally balanced position. It has a thinner, sharper toe side rail which makes edging-in toe side a lot easier! This board is perfect for every skill level!

Ronix Krush 128.
Ronix Krush 128. Pic – Ronix

Bindings: Ronix Signature Woman’s Boots

These boots are a must have! They are flexible, durable and super comfortable while providing great ankle support.

onix Signature Woman’s Boots.
Ronix Signature Woman’s Boots. Pic – Ronix

Life Vest: Jet Pilot Women’s Wave Farer Comp Vest

I love my Jet Pilot Wave Farer life vest – it is lightweight and does not restrict my movement at all. Plus, the colour combos are great. I have both the light blue and rust coloured version.

Jet Pilot Women's Wave Farer Comp Vest.
Jet Pilot Women’s Wave Farer Comp Vest. Pic – Jeff Mathis

For more, see: https://www.wakeboardingmag.com/story/gear/whats-in-kira-lewis-board-bag/

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