AirBuddy: Dive without a tank

AirBuddy is a small, battery-powered dive compressor that floats on the surface and follows along as you dive.

On a boat, AirBuddy is a perfect solution for recreational reef diving as well as underwater maintenance and hull cleaning. Diving without heavy gear on your back and the necessity to adjust your buoyancy throughout the dive is a completely new experience. You feel closer to “underwater swimming” than “diving”.

The AirBuddy Single Diver Pack can be purchased online for US$1,465.00. Pic- AirBuddy

AirBuddy provides 55+ min of dive time at a maximum depth of 12m (for single diver) or 6m (for buddy divers), following about 5h battery recharge from a wall socket or a 12V DC outlet.

Surface-supplied diving (SSBA) has been around for longer than SCUBA. The first divers explored the seabed using surface-supplied units already back in the 19th century. AirBuddy combined this almost 200-year old diving principle with the latest technologies, materials and innovations and created a compact, user-friendly unit that provides maximum performance, comfort, and safety at the minimum weight and size. Almost anyone can dive with AirBuddy, but proper dive training is crucial for the diver’s safety and comfort.

For extra safety AirBuddy has many clever design features. For example, the device is turn on/off by a detachable magnetic wristband to eliminate an accidental switch off by anyone else than the diver. An underwater low battery alarm signals to the diver to start ascending about 10 minutes before the battery runs flat.

The integrated air reservoir in the float holds about 16 litres of emergency air so that the diver won’t run out of air abruptly if the compressor stopped for any reason. AirBuddy was designed with capsize protection to about 110⁰ tilt with centre of gravity below waterline (acting like a keel) to provide stability on the surface.

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