An interview with Leslie Kent the legend

More than twenty years ago, Leslie Kent was the first girl to land a Pete Rose, a grabbed 540, slob front-flip to fakie and the front side back roll nuclear grab.

She was the only female to compete in the original Carnival slider contest, the first girl to slide rails and the first female pro-wakesKater. Here is the interview of Wakeboarding Hall of Famer Leslie Kent by legendary star coach Rich Goforth.

How old were you when you first started Wakeboarding and who got you started?

The first time I ever wakeboarded was when I was 12, it was on an old-school Skurfer behind a Boston Whaler, but when I really got started wakeboarding, I was 13.  I’d spent a little bit of time on the Skurfer at the summer camp I went to in Arapaho North Carolina, (Seafarer Camp) where I got to try it.  About a year and a half later my dad got a boat, that was when I really got started Wakeboarding. So, my dad was the one who really first got me started.

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By Rich Goforth

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