Axopar unveil the all new Axopar 22

Axopar this week release initial images of the all new Axopar 22. Keeping true to Axopars DNA the Axopar 22 features the cutting bow and twin step hull. Converting the Axopar hull into a smaller model gives the Axopar 22 best in class handling and stability so you can experience comfort at rest and slice through large waves offshore.

Render of Axopar 22 side profile
The 22 is 7.2 metres in length

This Axopar 22 features the U Sofa at the stern and toilet hidden in the bow locker.

Fitted with all the essential navigation gear as well as trim tabs and upgraded to Mercury 4 stroke V6 – 200hp in White you are sure to experience life on the water like never before.

render of Axopar 22 rear angle
The 22 is truly a driver’s dream

“Easy and safe to drive for a beginner but this boat also has a lot of functionalities and behaviour that an experienced boater will appreciate and they will instantly recognise the small things that make a good boat an even better boat,” said Axopar Co-Founder Jan-Erik Viitala.

Find out more about the Axopar 22 available from Eyachts this October by clicking here.

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