Be-Well provides kids with disabilities a chance to try water sports

Thirty kids with physical disabilities had the chance to try adaptive water skiing and kayaking on Saturday in Harrison, Ohio.

For some, it was their very first try at water sports.

Donna Bloemer had a lot to smile about. Her 19-year-old daughter, Katherine, tried water skiing for the first time.

“It’s a huge leap of faith to let your child go out in very deep water, but she obviously loved it,” Bloemer said.

Katherine has Rett Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that affects motor skills and speech.

That didn’t stop her from showing off her skills on the skis.

“Especially during COVID it took away a lot of things that she typically gets to do, and being able to go out outside and to have her safely experience these things was such a blessing for her,” Bloemer said.

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