Big wake foiling

Many specifically chose their own boat for its ability to kick up a good wake, so it almost seems overdue that a handful of us wake-stoked individuals had the wild idea to trailer a pair of SeaDoos out to southern Texas to ride the industrial-size wakes of the cargo ships and oil tankers coming in and out of the famed shipping ports of Galveston Bay.

Upon meeting our local contacts, Capt. Joe and his brother, Doug, at the boat ramp, there was hardly a minute to spare for introductions before jumping straight into action. The first container ship of the day was ahead of schedule and steaming past our dropping-in point.

I hopped on my SeaDoo Wake, joined by legendary board-rider Brian Grubb, with a tow-in surfing sled attached to the back, while our image-capturing team loaded up with their equipment aboard Capt. Joe’s boat, Stars and Stripes—a sturdy 24-foot twin-hull fishing boat.

Our small convoy departed the boat ramp ready for anything. We followed Stars and Stripes, behind our first cargo ship, out into open water.

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