Boatingo makes chartering as easy as renting a car

The all new platform, Boatingo is seeming to take the world of charter by storm this week with the imminent launch of their new online platform. This unique new service aims to make chartering as easy as booking a hotel room or renting a car.

For every booking marketplace the buyers and sellers benefit and grow the whole market together. Take Airbnb (market cap of approx. USD $80B). By digitally disrupting the old-school, laborious way of booking local accommodation, consumer demand saw them capture market share from hotels, and stimulate new accommodation supply. 

Boatingo, with its real time booking functionality and SaaS business model, is doing to charter boats what AirBnB did for local accommodation – instant access and tech that makes boat sharing easy. Demand for boat charters outstrips supply by approximately 50%, so by unlocking supply, with easy to use tech, there is market share to take and a market to grow.

40% of consumers abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load – imagine how this plays out in an industry that still relies on email and calls to complete the transaction. With no real-time booking system or SaaS solution for owners the USD $51b charter market denies boat owners potential revenue and pushes consumers to alternate sectors.

Boatingo is advantageous to consumers, giving them a digital platform to discover, plan and book their boating experience in real time, within a few clicks. Equally the app benefits boat owners too, providing them with a tech solution that goes beyond a booking, opening up boat sharing’s true revenue potential. Boatingo aims to lead this digital revolution. 

For more information on Boatingo and to become part of the tech revolution taking place within yacht charter please click here and express your interest today. Stay tuned to for more exciting information and insight from Boatingo ahead of the launch of their new app later this month.

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Suzuki Outboard
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