BYD unveil plans for the ultimate summer boat in the Nuva M9 Open

Spain’s BYD Group is celebrating its fourth successful design for the Barcelona dayboat builder Nuva. The M9 Open is the largest of the striking Mediterranean style yachts that BYD has drawn for the yard to date, and also the most complex. The first hull is due for launch later this month.

With a broad walk-around deck, twin sun lounging areas and lots of open space, the boat makes an instant impression. And with a high standard of accommodation below deck, it is also a flexible yacht with a wealth of potential uses. BYD’s principal architect Tià Simó says that it makes an excellent weekender and a family party boat.

A modern, versatile and stylish boat

The main brief was to have a modern, stylish and versatile boat that would be appealing, so that it is not just a practical boat but also an object of desire,” explains Simó. “The boat follows the design trend we started with the M6 and M8, but more so. She is fully comfortable for day trips, with the possibility of sleeping one night or a weekend. It is possible to do all activities on deck, and to walk all the way around at the same deck level.

Simó and his team spent over a year of developing the design particulars of the M9 Open. Like all Nuvas, it presents high topsides with deep integrated bulwarks and a clean, modern hull shape that avoids fussy detailing. “A lot of engineering effort has been put into the hull to minimise resistance, improve performance and ensure extremely good stability,” he explains.

Render of BYD Nuva M9 black finish side angle
The first hull of the M9 is due for launch later this month

A contemporary hard-top

A contemporary, bevelled hard-top has been carefully engineered so that it requires just two supports, and offers a host of useful features. There’s a soft fabric sunroof which slides back to bathe the helm console in natural light.  And the aft edge of the hard top houses a frame and a soft bimini on a roller which can be extended back over the passenger seating.

A sleek glass console shelters the driver and guests at the futuristic helm, and there are two wings concealed in the bulwarks, which fold down to extend the aft deck area. With convertible seating aft and removable sunpads on the foredeck, the M9 Open presents a compelling package for enjoying the best of a Mediterranean boating lifestyle. There’s even the option of a cockpit galley or bar.

Below deck, there are two double berths for overnighting, plus a shower and heads. Creating such volume called on all BYD’s years of experience. “To combine a spacious interior and exterior in a walkaround boat with outboards is a challenge,” says Simó. “While most of the concepts on the boat exist elsewhere, the combination of all on a boat this size is unique. We are especially proud of the genuine comfort and space offered by the interior arrangement.

Render of BYD Nuva M9 black finish side aerial
A soft fabric sunroof can be adjusted on or off

There are several power options for the new boat, but BYD has designed her with an optimum set-up in mind. Twin 150hp outboards will keep the boat perfectly balanced on her lines and allow her to reach a top speed of 35 knots, for fast passage times, fun handling and great water sports performance. A generous 390-litre fuel tank, plus additional fresh water and waste-water tankage makes this a capable boat with a good cruising range.

Like all Nuvas, the M9 Open is robustly built in GRP. This is a brand that proudly appeals to everyday boaters, with a reasonable price to match. Here again, BYD’s input has been critical. “This is a production oriented boat, so it required us to put a lot of effort into optimising the materials, production methods and the use of standards at the shipyard to be able to achieve a very competitive price, delivering a stunning design and performance,” says Simó. “We believe it is the ultimate summer boat.