Celebrating equal pay in wakeboarding – part one

The hottest news overheard en route to the 2018 Wakeboarding Hall Of Fame inductions, was that the World Surfing League would institute Equal Pay for women. 

It was a polaroid moment that etched in memory with detail.  It took a few breaths to sink in, while a scent of hope lingered in the air. The Equal Rights Movement for professional women had gained immense momentum globally. But this was surfing, our big brother sport who was balancing the scales. It was a huge step forward.  

The archaic argument that female athletes get paid less than men because of an uneven retribution, had finally been outdated. The excitement was palpable. The plight from the IWWF towards gender equality had started to bear fruit.

We have come a long way.

But there was a time when there were no pro-women on the Tour. Times before wakeboarding became a profession, that’d allow the girls to experience the same lifestyle and training opportunities as the boys. 

By Andrea Gaytan

For the full story, see: https://www.wakeboardingmag.com/howto/celebrating-equal-pay-part-one/

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