Cigarette Racing collaborate with Mercedes AMG on the 41′ Nighthawk boat

Mercedes is on the water again, enjoying its new Cigarette 41′ Nighthawk AMG Black Series, a performance boat to go with the AMG GT Black Series performance car. 

This Nighthawk is, the 13th boat AMG and Cigarette Racing have worked on together and it features quite a few high-performance and weight-saving measures that make it the AMG GT Black Series of the water. While the car’s handcrafted, flat-plane crank V8 produces “only” 720 horsepower, the 41-foot watercraft uses five race-grade outboard engines, specifically 4.6-litre Mercury Racing 450R V8s good for 450 hp each. That’s 2,250 hp combined. Granted, the physics of road and sea travel are massively different so the boat’s top speed is 90 mph, child’s play for the car but a remarkable speed for a luxury boat that can carry more than 10 people. 

Product shot for Cigarette 41 Nighthawk
The use of carbon fibre throughout allows the 41′ Nighthawk to reach speeds of up to 90mph
cockpit onboar dthe Cigarette 41 Nighthawk
The luxurious fixtures and fittings onboard are complimented by the latest marine technology

They haven’t just thrown a bunch of big motors at the Nighthawk AMG Black Series and called it a day, though, because it uses a unique twin-step hull design and features a low centre of gravity thanks to a hardtop and deck made completely out of carbon fibre. An advanced digital switching system that controls all of the boat’s onboard systems cuts down on the amount of cabling needed and, in turn, saves weight. A lithium-ion battery is also said to cut down on the Nighthawk’s pounds. 

Pricing for the AMG-branded Cigarette boat has not been specified although given the car’s $325,000 price tag, we suspect it isn’t something anyone who actually has to ask about price has much business buying.

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Suzuki Outboard
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