Cox Powertrain showcases its latest twin installation on an Axopar 37

Cox Powertrain’s Germany-based distributor, Diesel Power, successfully installs a twin-CXO300 diesel outboard configuration on an Axopar, one of Europe’s leading boat brands.

The leading British diesel outboard manufacturer Cox Powertrain has been working closely over the last few months with its Germany-based distributor, Diesel Power, and Axopar’s German dealer, Boote Polch, to commission a twin installation of the 300hp CXO300 diesel outboard on board an Axopar 37.

Axopar is one of the fastest-growing recreational European boatbuilders on the market today, having captured an increasing market share over the last few years. Since 2014, Axopar has built an enviable reputation in the marine market for creating exciting and innovative boats with excellent handling and performance. With one of the most fuel-efficient hulls for fast motorboats, the Axopar 37 is an excellent candidate for showcasing the twin CXO300 configuration which is destined to be subsequently installed by many other vessels across the globe.

Meticulously designed from a blank sheet of paper upwards, the CXO300 diesel outboard engine offers 25% better fuel efficiency compared to similarly-rated gasoline outboards, a service life three times longer and highly competitive performance figures, including 479lb-ft torque (650Nm) at 2,250-3,000rpm.

“Axopar is at the forefront of boatbuilding innovation and is leading the recreational adventure boat segment,” comments Jan-Erik Viitala, founding partner at Axopar. “Cox’s CXO300 is an exciting alternative and, for the first time, represents a genuinely viable diesel outboard solution for the market; perfectly aligned with the needs and preferences of our ‘go anywhere’ type of boaters. It is rewarding to see the benefits emerging from the combination of the most efficient and best-handling hull on the market with the power and economy of the CXO300 diesel outboard engines on board our Axopar 37.”

The CXO300 diesel outboards performed exceptionally during their initial sea trials with the Axopar 37 in Lymington, UK. With a smooth to moderate sea state, the Axopar 37 consumed 142.08 litres per hour at 4,000rpm, reaching a top speed of 41 knots. When further trials were carried out on the Mosel River in Germany in calm conditions, the Axopar 37 reached top speeds of 46.3 knots at 3,900rpm.

Peter Nauwerck, Managing Director at Diesel Power AB, adds: “The combination of the high-performance Axopar 37 and the market-revolutionising CXO300 diesel outboard is attractive for many market segments including the boat tender sector, geographical markets with a limited availability of gasoline and also for those looking for a dramatically improved range.”

Not only is the CXO300 extremely fuel-efficient, but it is also paving the way for further innovation in the development of powerful diesel outboards with its exceptionally low emissions. The CXO300 has successfully received certifications from the main emission-governing bodies including EPA Tier 3, RCD II and IMO II, as well as BSO-II. Proven to produce 20-35% fewer CO2 emissions than comparable gasoline outboards, the CXO300 exemplifies Cox’s plan to develop and deliver a long-term development programme of ground-breaking and sustainable diesel outboards for a wide range of users.

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