Crystal Boat: A revolutionary antifouling solution

Antifouling has always been a common concern among boat owners.

Durability, efficiency and costs are the factors that most affect the choice of the product.

Crystal Boat is a 2-components gliding paint with an antifouling effect suitable for fibreglass and metal surfaces. Environmentally friendly Crystal Boat promises to protect the environment because, being completely devoid of biocides, its environmental impact is close to zero.

Crystal Boat is a long-lasting self-cleaning paint. Repaint time could be up to three years. It can be used in the same way as a conventional antifouling paint.

Thanks to these characteristics, the surface layer of the paint prevents fouling from coming into contact with the hull and, at the same time, thanks to the friction generated by the speed of the boat on the water, facilitates the removal of barnacles and algae that could end up attacking the hull.

Moreover, additional benefits include: 

Anti-osmosis barrier: It creates an almost total protection against moisture in the same way as conventional anti-osmosis treatments.
Anti-galvanic insulation: The paint creates an insulating layer that protects your boat against galvanic currents. It is also certified to handle impacts of up to 45 Newton and resist all types of solvents.

Unlike many conventional antifouling paints, Crystal Boat doesn’t degrade after a prolonged contact with air or water. Vessels treated with this paint can be hauled out and relaunched an unlimited number of times.

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