Old boating superstitions

With Halloween creeping up on us, scary stories and superstitions can be seen as a staple of the season.

Though the last thing you want to encounter on the water is bad luck. Here are 10 common boating superstitions and the history behind them to help you steer clear of curses during this “spooky season”:

1. Watch your mouth

Be careful what you say on board. While sailors and pirates used notoriously bad language, there are certain things you don’t utter at sea. “Goodbye” and “Good Luck” were among these forbidden phrases, and to even mention “drowning” was said to summon the incident itself.

2. Never change your boat’s name

Sailors once believed that once a boat was christened, to change the name would bring bad luck on your voyage. Though there does seem to be a consensus on a way around this: a simple de-naming ceremony and re-christen of the boat with its new name can counteract any bad juju.

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