Edorado unveil 8S electric hydrofoil powerboat

Dutch company Edorado Marine has a new proposal that will hopefully spark a revolution in the industry: a fully electric hydrofoil powerboat that is equal parts luxurious and clean. Called the Edorado S8, the latest addition to the company’s lineup is seen as the sustainable way of boating, with deep roots to the past but looking ahead into the future, before all the other big boat makers.

Edorado S8 was officially introduced this week, at the Royal Maas Yacht Club in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Launch Edition models are already available for pre-orders, but future customers of the standard model can also sign up for a waitlist.

Edorado 8S cruising forwards
The future is noise and emissions free, according to Edorado

Founded by Giel Groothuis, CEO, and Godert van Hardenbroek, Product Architect, in 2015, after a chance meeting at an industry event in 2012, Edorado Marine aims to solve one of the marine industry’s biggest problems: its significant carbon footprint. To put it in very simple terms, boats pollute the very environment they’re supposed to help explore, so a sustainable option is a must.

The S8 wants to be that option. It is fully electric, so it doesn’t burn fuel, and doesn’t pollute through emissions or noise. It also uses an advanced hydrofoil system, which allows it to rise over the waterline at high speeds and glide seamlessly, maintaining high speeds without creating wake, and thus reducing the damage to shorelines. The only waves this powerboat aims to make are within the marine industry, Groothuis and van Hardenbroek say in a statement for FutureRide.

“What is considered innovation in the boating industry just doesn’t cut it anymore in the current reality of the climate crisis,”
 Groothuis explains. “What is needed is a rapid transition to zero emissions, also for the leisure industry. After owning petrol-fueled boats, I realised that a complete overhaul of this product category is long overdue. The traditional boating industry is just waiting to be disrupted by a clean-tech approach. Our goal with the Edorado 8S is to chart a course for clean powerboating.”

Edorado 8S anchored from rear
The 8S features minimalist and elegant styling

As for how exactly the S8 plans to do all this disrupting, the plan is simple: by means of a lightweight boat with powerful motors, the hydrofoils, advanced tech, and a designer interior with all the trappings of the one-percenter lifestyle. If you’re going to make a premium product, you might as well go all the way out.

The S8 is 8.40 m (27.5 ft) long, 2.50 m (8.2 ft) wide, and has a displacement of just 1,950 kg (4300 pounds) thanks to the carbon fibre hull. The hydrofoils are fully retractable, allowing it to moor in shallow waters and be easily transportable. When deployed, they self-adjust for stability, and reduce drag and water resistance by as much as 60%, so this makes the S8 pretty fast, as well. Twin 50 kW motors and the 80 kWh battery pack guarantee a top speed of 38 knots, and an estimated range of 40 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 25 knots. The range qualifies the S8 as a dayboat, while CE-C certification means it’s suitable for lakes, rivers, and coastal waters.

Advanced features include connectivity through the Edorado app, which will see it updated over-the-air, Collision Impact Safety System (CISS), and proprietary Automatic Control System. The cockpit is minimalist and intuitive, with central steering and navigation controls, and three 15-inch monitors for everything else. Bluetooth sound system and integrated mood lighting are also offered.

The interior by Ivo van Hulten aims to hark back to the classic design of sailboats, and stands out for a minimalist approach as well. However, minimalist doesn’t mean incomplete, so the S8 comes with a built-in picnic set for two, with a specially designed wine cooler, and other onboard “premium features” that are yet to be detailed. The transom folds down to create a swim platform with ladder for easy access in and from the water, and there’s a lounge pad for sunning, integrated in the rear of the boat.

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