Faro 5 makes successful debut in Monaco

The maritime industry is considered one of the hardest to decarbonise, but it’s also one of the few that can benefit from both wind power and solar energy. These renewable energy sources are making a strong comeback and can make a real difference in shipping and in leisure boating.

This year’s editions of the Cannes and Monaco Yacht Festivals, two of the most prestigious boating events in the world, showed a strong interest in sustainable options, such as hybrid-electric ships and eco-friendly designs. It looks like the industry is gearing up to become greener, from the biggest yachts to the fastest powerboats.

One of the most innovative designs that made waves at the Monaco Yacht Show is Faro 5. Developed in Portugal, this outstanding model claims to be the world’s first set that integrates a fully electric boat with a solar charging dock. The ingenious system is meant to solve the infrastructure issue and allow the owner total autonomy.

First of all, the Faro 5 boat is made from premium materials with a luxurious design. Cryptomeria wood is not only highly resistant and incredibly light, but it’s also a sustainable material sourced locally from the Azores in Portugal. In addition, the Tomas Costa Lima design combines sleek, elegant lines with functionality. The Faro 5 is also customisable, with an optional glass fibre top, plain or with an added print and logo.

Powered by electric engines that range between 4.5 kW and 25 kW, this electric boat is not only 100% sustainable, but also silent for a more enjoyable ride. With a top speed of 12 knots and a 12-hour range, Faro 5 proves that performance can be sustainable.

The boat itself is great, but what makes it even more surprising is the unique charging dock. This innovative platform is not useful for pulling the boat out of the water and keeping it protected, but it also acts as a charging station. Fitted with solar panels, the dock is powered by renewable energy and able to recharge the boat in about one hour and a half.

With restrictions for marine combustion engines becoming gradually harsher, this unique project is a welcome alternative. Thanks to the additional charging dock, you can enjoy a “green” boat with a luxurious design and maximum freedom.

Faro 5 was first presented at the Monaco Yacht Show, and it benefited from an EEA (European Economic Area) and Norway Grant, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

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