Father’s Day wakeboarding gift guide

If you’re still looking for some great gift ideas for the Wake Dad in your life, look no further.

Ronix Blunt Nose Skimmer – Koal Technora

The Blunt Nose Skimmer is designed to offer a bit of both worlds in wakesurfing: the performance of a skim board with the stability of a longboard. This makes it great for riders learning new tricks or those who prefer the characteristics of a skim style board, but have a boat with a smaller wave.

Slingshot Nomad

The Nomad may just go down as the ultimate “dad board,” but it’s a ride for more than just “bigger guys.” Thanks to its larger size and surface area, the Nomad is able to plane at slower speeds, making it easier to get up and cruise on. This means less line tension from the rope and arm fatigue for the rider.

Nomad wakeboard
The Nomad’s larger sizing has tons of benefits, and it’s a blast to ride. Pic – Slingshot

It also means sizeable pop and forgiving landings. The continuous rocker makes it ride faster, with predictable pop off the wake, while the flex and removable fins make the Nomad a ton of fun to cross over into park riding. Trust us, your wakeboarding dad will love riding a Nomad.

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By Wakeboarding Magazine

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