Fishing trip ends with a mayday call

Two adults and a toddler are safe after their boat took on water and foundered on rocks near Nanaimo, Canada.

Capt. Satinder Singh, Port of Nanaimo vice-president of marine operations and harbour master, said, “The port authorities called me and said there was a mayday call that they were responding to on Snake Island … 12-13 minutes later they were on scene at Snake Island where they found an 18-foot yellow-hull power vessel foundering. There were two adults and one child that were in the water.”

Singh said that the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Stn. 27 (RCM-SAR) team arrived within 20 minutes to retrieve the adults and child.

RCM-SAR’s smaller rescue craft was able to get close to the stricken craft and rocks to retrieve the adults and toddler.

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