Fliteboard make waves with release of Series 2 boards

E foiling is a relatively new but entertaining pastime for ocean lovers and boat enthusiasts alike. The relatively new industry is this week receiving a rather colossal update with the highly anticipated Series 2 electronic foils from industry leaders Fliteboard, complete with a host of new features and improvements. Fliteboard claim that the Series 2 is even easier to use and learn, controlling the speed with a handheld remote and the direction and height of the board by applying pressure with your feet.

The Flite Controller is an award winning ergonomic designed waterproof handheld remote that provides intuitive control and real-time performance information to the rider and this aspect of the model has been improved further on Series 2. The Virtual Gear System is just one of many features that makes Flite Controller the world’s smartest eFoil controller.

The unibody fuselage make it easier to fly higher and turn harder with more stability and is a first in electric hydrofoil design. Integrating the foil and motor (instead of clamping it to the mast) results in the most balanced, responsive and efficient electric hydrofoil on the market. This means advanced riders can turn harder, explore further, ride faster, or have the ultimate pitch control on a wave face. It also allows beginners to learn more easily.

Fliteboard have decided to take all electronics out of the board with the Series 2 so there’s less to go wrong and less to maintain. The patented plug ‘n play system avoids data cables. No electronics in the board means less fuss. The Flitebox system is manufactured from hard anodised aluminium and complete with finned heatsink for optimised cooling it avoids the need for complex water cooling tubes found on other systems. Also inside Flitebox is a powerful onboard computer that coordinates data from multiple sources for an optimised rider experience. The lightbar onboard makes the Flitebox even smarter for instant communication to the rider.

The Series 2 also features the world’s most advanced premium marine battery. Premium quality cells, designed for high discharge combined with the world class Battery Management System keep you going and going to fly faster, further and longer.

The latest efoil also works harmoniously with the new Flite App which can deliver over the air updates and application features such as Flite track lets you visualise, replay and share rides on social media.

If you haven’t owned a Fliteboard before, the Series 2 brings a number of important updates making it a great purchase for a first time user and an improved experience for any current Fliteboard owner.

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