Fliteboard Series 2 takes flight

Byron Bay startup Fliteboard has been quietly taking over the world since it launched in 2018.

An electric powered hydrofoil that gives the sensation of flying over water, Fliteboard gives riders the freedom to ride anywhere, without wind or waves. Emission free, wake free and virtually silent, Fliteboard has ushered in a new category of environmentally friendly powered watercraft, and has achieved global acclaim, with a fan club that includes some of the world’s most influential names.

Described by Shopify founder Tobias Lutke as: “the most magical gadget on the planet.” Fliteboard is made of premium materials and hovers approximately 70cm above the water and its speed is controlled by a hand-held Bluetooth remote. It runs on a compact yet powerful emission free electric motor, powered by one of the best marine grade smart batteries available, for riding times that can exceed 90 minutes.

Earlier this year, the Australian-born company unveiled the evolution of the iconic e-foil –the Series 2. Fliteboard’s product developers and engineers have refined the board’s design, creating a new range that is even more accessible, advanced and responsive. Fliteboard Series 2 allows beginners to take flight in the water quicker and easier, whilst seasoned foilers can enjoy an extreme new board and range of performance wings, allowing them to keep pushing the boundaries.

Fliteboard Series 2 allows beginners to take flight in the water quick and easy. Pic – Fliteboard

Fliteboard founder David Trewern is a former kite-surfing world record holder and serial entrepreneur who created the brand from his love for water sports. Fliteboard was conceived in David’s family home in Belongil Beach, during a sabbatical post the exit of his second major business in 2015.

The first prototypes were made with a 3D printer bought from Aldi, and soon after Fliteboard flew in the water for the first time. “Within the first few seconds, I knew this product was something extraordinary,” said Trewern. “Fliteboarding feels like flying, providing a whisper quiet, emission free ride at speeds of up to 45 kilometres per hour without leaving a trace of pollution in sight. The freedom was like nothing else, and we knew straight away that Fliteboard would soon revolutionise water sports”.

Fliteboard holds numerous patents and has won awards all over the world, most recently awarded the Red Dot International ‘Best of the Best’ design prize and it was named ‘Innovation of the Year’ by the judges of Australia by Design in 2020.

Seasoned foilers can enjoy an extreme new board and range of performance wings. Pic – Fliteboard

Introducing Series 2

The new Fliteboard Series 2 offers improved performance across the range; from beginner- friendliness and stability to advanced carving and manoeuvrability.

All electronics have been removed from the board, for simplicity and easier serviceability. The range includes the inflatable ‘AIR’, ideal for beginners, heavier riders, families, yachts and Fliteschools.

The ‘Fliteboard’ which is the most popular board thanks to its versatility. The ‘PRO’ for riders with previous board sports experience and the new ‘ULTRA’ – the world’s smallest eFoil at 4’2ft, designed for advanced riders looking to push the limits. The ULTRA includes optional footstraps and a True Glide propeller that lets you ride waves without power.

Series 2 boasts the widest range of performance wings. Pic – Fliteboard

Series 2 boasts the widest range of performance wings, to suit different riding styles from those that love tight carving at high speeds, to those who prefer a looser, more cruisy feeling.

The wings are interchangeable across Fliteboards revolutionary and innovative eFoil design that places the thrust in line with the main wing, improving performance and allowing riders to ride higher without breaching, turn sharper with more extreme lean angles and cruise smoothly over choppy water. As founder David Trewern points out, there is literally a board and a wing for everyone, regardless of foiling ability.

Fliteboard has expanded the colour choices available; the original Carbon Innegra Fliteboard and Fliteboard Pro are now available in Flite Green and Silver, and the team have revised some of the finishes so that their existing boards have a matte top, and beautiful gloss bottom.

Priced from $17,995, Series 2 is now available to purchase through Fliteboard’s website. As Jon Olsson, freestyle skiing World Champ said, “It’s probably the most incredible thing I have ever tried.”

For further information about Fliteboard and Series 2, please see: fliteboard.com

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