Foiling experts Lift E Foils make life easier with new Quickstart App

After months of hard work and product development, the Lift eFoil Quickstart App is now ready for launch. The app will provide users with a completely new and redesigned experience for their next flight. The new app has been officially launched today, and boasts a number of new features that will make you’re eFoil experience quicker, safer and more enjoyable.The new software Easily update your product firmware

The new application allows you to easily update product firmware making sure you are kept up to date with the latest features Lift have to offer. You connect multiple boards & remotes during the setup process, and view key stats and metrics from your most recent rides.

product shot for the new Lift eFoils quick start app
The Quickstart App has been in the works for a number of months and has finally arrived

The application also provides a better user experience for customer support, with the option to send detailed support tickets directly to Lift, quickly access setup and tutorial videos, and find troubleshooting tips all at your fingertips.

In addition to this, Lift have launched a new software update, which includes a new feature that automatically shuts your eFoil off if it tilts past 45 degrees. This guarantees that the motor will not be engaged under these conditions adding extra safety to your ride.

For more information, or to download the Quickstart App, click here.

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