General Motors invest in electric power for recreational boats

General Motors, the American heavyweight in land vehicle motorisation, has acquired a stake in Pure Watercraft to accelerate the development of its electric motorisation solutions for pleasure craft. A major investment with industrial ambitions for electric boats.

A major player in the motorisation of land vehicles, cars and trucks, General Motors (GM) has also been active in marine thermal engines, both directly and indirectly through engine blocks developed by other brands. It will now participate in the development of electric motors for pleasure craft, through its acquisition of a stake in Pure Watercraft.

With a contribution of $150 million, General Motors is taking a 25% stake in the company, which was founded in 2011 in Seattle to produce alternative propulsion solutions for pleasure craft.

Like the recent announcement from another North American electric motor manufacturer, through its agreement with General Motors, Pure Watercraft aims to move from a small-scale motor offering to truly industrial production, following the lead of its partner, which is investing $35 billion in electric vehicles by 2025.

“This joint effort with GM should allow us to make significant advances in charging and autonomy, while producing large volumes,” summarises Andy Rebele, founder of Pure Watercraft.

The details of the products developed will be made public later, but, beyond the motors, the manufacturers are talking about electric boats.

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