Honda Honwave range revamped for 2021

Honda has revamped its Honwave range for 2021, applying a sharp new look to a reappointed deck layout. Available in approved Honda Marine dealers priced between $1500 – $2700.

Atop the tubes, loop handles replace the hogging and rope providing a cleaner, flatter profile while also reducing the risk of damage to the inflatable when the rope may have potentially been used wrongly to lift the boat.

Moving the oars inboard from their previous secure position, on top of the tubes, not only completes the low-slung, sportier look, but offers up more space to passengers to sit even more comfortably on the tubes. Upfront, a bow roller has become standard fit across the range to prevent rope-scuff at the bow, while also acting as a visual feature imparting a functional look and feel.

The new lift-type drain valve prevents incorrect fitment when securing it back in place and stops occupants from accidentally dislodging it and flooding the Honwave while underway. Furthermore, the removal of tabs at the rear of air V-floor models reduces wake without compromising performance, making for more responsible navigation of calm and narrow rivers.

As before, there are three deck types to choose from – slatted, air V-floor or aluminium – which cover a range of ten boats measuring between 2m and 4.0m long, with a maximum passenger capacity of seven people on the biggest model. Maximum power output of 20hp.

Tubes are of durable, high grade PVC; GRP transom and two-year domestic-use warranty. A range of accessories include seats, bags and covers, as well as launching wheels.

Eight engines are available to the Honwave range: sub-3m models are paired with economical, single-digit power-output outboards (BF2.3, BF4, BF6 and BF8), while the longer models work best with the more powerful twin-cylinder BF15 and BF20 engines.

All engines are sold with a six-year domestic-use warranty.

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