How to safely increase your boat speed

Part of the fun of boating is simply the thrill of going fast on the water. And if fast is good, even faster must be better. Here are some simple ways to help almost any family boat reach its full speed potential.

Three ways to make a boat go faster include:

  1. Reduce weight.
  2. Don’t over-trim.
  3. Change your propeller.

Now, let’s dive into the details of each of these techniques:

1. Reduce Weight

Reducing weight is like finding free horsepower, and many boat owners are surprised how much weight they can leave on the dock.

  • Start at the bow and work your way back, clearing out every storage compartment, and then put back only the essentials.
  • The spare cooler, the extra fishing rods, the old bottles of sunscreen, the extra towels—each item may not weigh much but together it all adds up. We’ve seen boat owners jettison 250 pounds of “stuff” they didn’t really need on board.
  • A lighter boat will accelerate more quickly and run with reduced drag because the hull rides a little higher in the water. It may also be more responsive to trim, which can further reduce drag.
  • Try to place heavier items you do want to keep on board, like a spare propeller, in an aft storage compartment so they are not weighting down the bow.

Finally, on those days you want to run as fast as possible, drain the fresh water and holding tanks if your boat is so equipped, and head out with less than a full tank of fuel.

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