Liquid Force Wake Foamies

In the fall of 2020, Liquid Force launched its first line of Wake Foamies.

The radical idea came to Australian World Wakeboard Champion Harley Clifford while he was surfing small waves on a foam board. Clifford, who’s been surfing at home since his early teens, noticed a gap in the Wakesurfing industry and pawned his concept to Wakeboarding’s guru Jimmy Redmon.

Redmon quickly followed through by teaming up with Liquid Force’s top designer Peter Mehrhof and developed the first set of ‘Wake Foamies’ designing the 5 foot Mal and 4.8 foot Fish Tail prototypes of the foam-top wakesurfers.

Harley took the boards to the ocean with WSL pro surfers Alex Hayes, Cooper Chapman and Sheldon Skimcus to test them at Australia’s Straddie Island and surfed the Wake Foamies in a six to eight foot swell.

”The boards performed amazingly pulling into big stand up pits,” said Clifford, who later took his good mate Cooper Chapman to the boat. “We tested them surf style. It feels like I’m in the ocean surfing a small wave when I’m behind the boat”. 

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By Andrea Gaytan

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