New Mercury Racing 300R Outboard roars into life

Boating’s Kevin Falvey checked out Mercury Racing’s 300R outboard and whether its new updates make the purchase worth it.

Mercury Racing’s 300R outboard is now available with an Advanced Midsection (AMS) and an integrated rear tie-bar bracket, and boasts features of the 450R lauded by performance boaters.

It is still available with a standard midsection and standard rear tie-bar bracket. Steve Miller, director of customer experience at Mercury Racing, filled me in on the latest during a demo event at which I also got to run the 300R in a variety of configurations, from twin installations on performance cats to quad center-console applications (the SeaVee 450Z we reviewed was one of the boats I ran) to a hopped-up bay-boat rig, complete with jack plates.

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By Kevin Falvey

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