No stopping for Perth’s World Champion barefoot water skier

Barry Delaporte is winning world, national and State championships by the skin of his feet.

Perth’s gifted barefoot water skier is, at age 70, shaping-up to tackle this year’s world titles in Florida. And he won’t be stopping there.

“My ultimate goal is to barefoot water ski down the river when I’m 100,” quips Barry.

Barry Delaporte with a medal
Barry is the national senior veterans barefoot water ski champion. Pic – Have a go news

Currently WA and national senior veterans barefoot water ski champion, Barry recently beat world number one, Victoria’s Brian O’Sullivan.

“I beat him after 22 years. World results are judged over 18 months so I’m still number two. But this year I’m out to become number one,” he said.

With two recent knee replacements, Barry had forced time out from his regular four-times-a-week watery workouts.

“The doctor said I should be getting full reconstructions of my knees but said that could mean I couldn’t continue water skiing.

“So, he said he’ll do half-replacements. That should give me between five and 10 years water skiing.

“I said ‘that’ll suit me.’”

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