Qualia Tenders launches new model tender Qualia 25

There is news in the maritime landscape!

Qualia Tenders B.V. from Emmeloord, the Netherlands, launches the Qualia25, an interesting and fast-sailing aluminum tender with a super sleek design. The vessel measures 25 feet long and is equipped with a cabin and double sundeck, which combines convenience and comfort. Robust and suitable for multi-day adventures.

On April 8 and 9, the Qualia25 will be presented at the Qualia Launch Event. You can register via this link: https://qualia-tenders.com/launch-event/ 

Qualia tender Sloop clos eup of forward area
On April 8 and 9, the Qualia25 will be presented at the Qualia Launch Event

Founder Dennis Groothuis talks about the creation of the Qualia25: “After many years of experience with welding and outfitting sloops/tenders, the ambition increased to design a tender ourselves. The feeling that things can be done differently, in terms of technology and detailed finish, has resulted in the Qualia25. A fusion of speed, luxury, convenience and comfort.”

The Qualia25 is handmade from 5083 seaworthy aluminum, low maintenance, super strong and lightweight. The deck contains large outflow holes making the ship self-draining. Even the cup holders are drained, so no worries about flooding. Furthermore, all cushions can be stored on board, so all you have to do is fill the fridge, turn on music and sail!

The Qualia25 is available with an inboard and outboard engine. With a production time of four months for a tailor-made model, quick decision-makers can enjoy their own Qualia25 this summer!

Take a look at the video preview of the Qualia25 here.

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