Rand Boats unveil all new Escape 30 flagship

Escape 30 from RAND Boats embodies a new breed of modern motorboats – the compact day yacht in which all the amenities normally only found in a 40 foot yacht are bundled into a mere 30 feet of head-turning aesthetics, raw performance uncompromising space, and hard top protected living and dining space.

RAND Boats Escape 30 docked close up
The design, features, and engine are highly customisable

The trailblazing Danish boat manufacturer RAND Boats perfects its range with the new 30ft flagship, Escape 30. RAND Boats combines the lavish features of a large yacht into a practical and compact 30 ft design while cleverly maximising walking and living space for the ultimate luxurious day and night on the water.

The expansive cockpit is shielded from the elements by a modern hardtop with a large dome windscreen so even unexpected weather changes can’t spoil the fun. Below deck, passengers can enjoy a naturally illuminated and spacious modern cabin with a roomy double bed and a minimalist bathroom with space to get changed in the hallway next to the day wardrobe.

RAND Boats Escape 30 aerial of helm details
The interior and exterior spaces have been expertly designed and crafted

Embodying RAND’s dedication to space utilisation and social focus, all areas offer standing height, plenty of room to walk freely, safe high freeboard and an open seating layout for optimum opportunities to mingle even for up to 12 people.

The aft triple sun lounge has perfect views and access to the sea from the large swim platform with yacht style swim ladder. Perfect for enjoying both nature’s beauty and spontaneous dips in the water.

The design, features, and engine are highly customisable, and as with the entire RAND range you can choose between electric or fuel propulsion. Options include the powerful electric series with a 105 to 460 kW power rating and 47 to 234 kWh battery and the diesel and gasoline series with 350 to 600 HP. Depending on engine, Escape 30 reaches speeds up to 50 knots.

RAND Boats Escape 30 below deck interior
Space onboard the Escape 30 is utilised to perfection.

RAND’s ethos of sustainability, Danish design aesthetics, social focus, and high-speed effortless driving combine to make a collection of perfect luxury sports boats to choose from and this compact, smarter version of a 40ft yacht is their latest edition.

During this global pandemic, our social and adventurous opportunities have been limited, but the Escape 30 provides an awe-inspiringly perfect getaway. You can literally escape to a place full of swimming, sunbathing, high-speed sailing, dining, and gathering. Customize and order your Escape 30 at your local RAND Boats dealer now.

The Escape 30 is available at your local RAND Boats dealer right now.

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