Red Bull Wake the City recap

Wakeboarder, Jamie Lopina reflects on the epic showdown at Milan’s one of a kind Red Bull Wake the City event.

Red Bull Wake the City was something totally new – a doubles contest where teams competed against other teams. For most of the summer, through the qualifiers and social media posts, hype was starting to build up about the comp. When the first weekend in September finally came around, Wake the City definitely lived up to all the expectations!

For the girls, it was an epic showcase between myself and Maryh, Elena and Claudia, and Meagan and Nicole! Everyone rode amazing and it was honestly one of the coolest finals I’ve ever been a part of. For the guys, it was between Jules and Clem, Leo and Victor, and Guenther and Loic. The riding from the guys was insane all week and finals were no exception!

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