Regina Jaquess: Champion Water Skier and pharmacist

Having an accomplished career and successful business might be enough for some people, but Regina Jaquess isn’t your typical overachiever.

“I pretty much have two professions,” blushed Jaquess. “I’m a professional water skier, and I’m also a pharmacist.” 

For Jaquess, a laidback Georgia gal who relocated to Santa Rosa Beach in her teens, life is all about going with the flow — even if that means getting a doctorate degree in pharmacy whilst breaking world records on the water, one splashing run at a time. 

On the clock, her energy revolves around keeping her patients healthy by holding her company, Emerald Coast Compounding Pharmacy, to the highest standards of medical professionalism. 

In her “free time” though, Jaquess is dedicated to absorbing every thrilling second of what her life as a top competitor in the world of women’s water skiing has to offer. She lives on a lake and trains on that lake every day.

A member of the USA Water Ski Team and a five-time world champion, Jaquess holds multiple records on the water. As her aquatic abilities and gold medals continue to pour in, Jaquess insists on staying true to her roots and giving thanks to those who helped her become a champion.

“My dreams all started falling into place,” recalled Jaquess. “They’re the best and my biggest fans — my family.”

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By Chay D. Baxley

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