Short Marine experiences success as the official Australian Distributor of Capelli RIBs

12 months ago, Short Marine was named as the official Australian Distributor of Europe’s biggest selling brand of RIBs (Rigid hull Inflatable Boat). The middle of a pandemic might not be the best time to launch a new brand to the market, but it has not stopped the Short brothers and their magnificent operation at Mosman from delivering no fewer than 32 new Capellis in such a brief period.

Not simply mere tenders atop the foredeck of yachts, or in their chocks on the swim platform of large cruisers, the deliveries to date range from 3.6 to 15 metres, highlighting the incredible diversity of the 47 model offering from the swish Italian shipyard.

Australia has taken to dayboating just like so many other parts of the world. This segment is a big focus for Capelli, and no doubt part of the appeal is that the pontoons are not black, and won’t burn you in an instant. Being a bit beamier also means they have a kinder ride, and even more stability, which is one of the key attractions of the RIB in the first place.

Capelli Tempest 44 pictured in a landscape
With a wide array of boats now available, the Capelli brand is growing in popularity

Of course, being Italian means style is at the core of their thinking, as too is pace, with many models able to make the 50-knot bracket effortlessly and safely. It is little wonder then that they also offer more seating, lounging and entertaining options than pretty much any craft of a comparable size.

What it all means is that you can flash around the Harbour or your favourite waterway, anchor or go right up on the beach itself, swim, do lunch, chill, then head back to your pen or mooring, and off you go. Much lower hassle to go boating, and use only the bits of a larger craft that you really need, without carting around all the rest of the boat, certainly has become very appealing for many. Irrespective of whether they are first time owners, or seasoned mariners.

Capelli Tempest 40 pictured from sea level
The RIBs are super high quality in terms of build and a smooth and comfortable ride

Sam Short commented, “Capelli are an Italian manufacturer that have been around since 1974, and absolutely known for their build quality, and totally luxurious offering. The Luxury Line is used a lot as tenders for superyachts, and we are thrilled that there is already one Tempest 44 here on the Harbour, and a Tempest 50 is on its way now. We are thrilled to have the distributorship for Australia, and aim to replicate Capelli’s success in Europe right here.”

“Our aim is replicate what we have done so far with the American-built Grady-Whites we sell. When we became a dealer only four years ago there were just five boats on the Harbour, and now there are now 82,” said Short. Apart from only taking on the very best brands, the Shorts have instilled an attention to detail in their crew, and an unwavering commitment to helping their clients. All of which has meant their yard is one of the busiest around.

Now it’s often said that not all boats are created equally. However, it is far less backed up. Capelli are very much used to making GRP cruisers, and still do, which is why the rigid part of the RIB is so good. They are all vacuum bagged and use solely vinylester resin. The inherent benefit is a lighter and stronger vessel that is also almost totally uniform, which means it can carry its load right across its form.

Capelli Tempest 40 cruising rear angle
The Tempest 40, one of Capelli’s most popular models is aiding the brand’s success in Australia

Over time, this equates to a boat that resists delamination, and is not prone to osmosis, as well as not cracking in vulnerable areas like the transom that holds the mighty outboards, adds up to less hassle and lower cost boating. Of course it also means higher resale value.

Short added, “Capelli really are the ultimate in comfort, safety and design. Only the highest quality resin, stainless steel, and heavy-duty 1670dtex ORCA Hypalon are used. The latter is what is used normally for the pontoons of commercial craft. It is much heavier than the 1100dtex found on nearly all other recreational vessels. This gives it much better tear and puncture resistance.”

Lapping all of the joins also means there is much less chance of the water running by at the stern actually ripping the tube apart, which Short Marine see, time and time again in their service facility at Mosman. Capelli also use EPDM rubber components on the tubes, not PVC, which burns in the sun, and fails very quickly.

One could go on, but it is probably best that you experience the best of breed in RIBs – Capelli. So don’t accept merely equal. Shoot for the top. See Game and Leisure Boats in Runaway Bay or Short Marine in Mosman, and make sure you’ve booked your test drive of a Capelli now.

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