Supra SL 450: Premier watersports tow boat

With more options and features than ever before, the redesigned Supra SL is a premier watersports tow boat designed to provide all 17 riders on board, no matter their skill level, a fun day on the water.

First off, Supra didn’t compromise in any way when it designed the wake and wave of the SL. Featuring 3,500 pounds of subfloor ballast, the riding surface can be completely programmed and customized, and is capable of everything from an easy-to-ride, beginner wake, all the way up to a pro-level wake where the sheer volume of water could power a small village.

Moving into the interior of the SL, we couldn’t find a single thing to complain about. Everything was purposely designed and meticulously crafted.

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By Boating Tech Team at Wakeboarding

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