Where Are They Now? Hayley Smith, Australian women’s wake ambassador

We caught up with Australian Tour champion Hayley Smith, also known as Dean Smith’s (former professional wakeboarder) little sister, who inspired riders for decades with her progressive style.

Growing up competing against gifted brother Dean Smith wasn’t easy for the Australian Tour champion Hayley Smith. She remembers being a bit of a tomboy who idolised her brother and “followed what he would do always wanting to do better than him”.

“Dean was always sporty and in my eyes he was the pinnacle,” said Smith. “That essentially was my motivation to wakeboard, I think I actually got up on a board quicker than he did. He wouldn’t remember it that way, but I sure remember any little wins I had. I will hold onto that for life!”

Her passion for the water began at Port Hacking River in the south of Sydney, Australia, where waterskiing and getting out on the boat was something her family did regularly. Although Dean Smith became World Champion and married legendary Amber Wing-Smith, Hayley did not walk in their shadows and managed to shine on her own.

For the full story, see: https://www.wakeboardingmag.com/story/howto/where-are-they-now-hayley-smith/

By Andrea Gaytan

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