Wing Foil Review 2021: Which wing will take me to outer space?

Which Wing will take me to the Moon? Let’s start with this wing foil review 2021.

In short none of them will, there is no magic potion sprayed onto the wing or magic shape which is going to whip you up into the stratosphere like kitesurfing kites. Jumping with wings is 95 percent technique, 5 percent wing/ foil/ conditions (ramps) and board combos. The 5 percent difference the wing will make won’t make you jump like Mike (Jordan). 

So which wing should I chose?  I wish there was a simple black and white answer to this question but there are many factors in play which will be covered below.

1. Genetic Makeup – Different wings have different wing spans and size does matter on this point. The wider the wing the taller the person needs to be to get the most out of the wing and make it easier to use. The shorter the person the more compact the wing needs to be. 

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