X Shore launch the luxurious all electric Eelex 8000

If you’re looking for a boat that marries design, technology and sustainability with performance, X Shore wants you to consider the Eelex 8000. The Swedish company made its U.S. debut at the Palm Beach International Boat Show in March and has opened two American offices, including a logistics hub in Florida and a sales office “in one of the top boating capitals in the U.S,” the location of which is to be revealed soon.

“X Shore started to sell the boat during the fall of last year and the first boats were delivered to customers early this year,” says CEO Jenny Keisu. “Today you can find Eelex 8000s in Europe, North America and the Middle East. We can see a high demand for the Eelex and later this year we will open a new factory (in Sweden) with a capacity of building more than 400 boats per year.”

These aren’t your typical, average-priced boats. Prices start in the $400,000 AUD range. But, “similar to electric cars, with our boats consumers will save on many costs associated with owning a boat, including fuel and constant maintenance like yearly engine services,” says Patrick DeSocio, X Shore North American sales manager. “We are always looking to expand our product line and are working to launch additional models in the future that will serve our customer base and their needs.”

The Eelex 8000 can accelerate from 0 to 20 knots in 4.2 seconds, Keisu says, reaching speeds up to 35 knots and a cruising speed of 20 knots. The boat can travel 100 nautical miles on one charge at lower speeds. A high-performance, 225-kilowatt electric motor and dual 60 killowatt-hour lithium-ion batteries can be charged in five to eight hours with three-phase power plugs or one to two hours with superchargers.

In addition to a 24-inch display touchscreen, software captures 150 data points every second, allowing for real-time analytics of battery and engine performance, including temperature, humidity, pressure, the craft’s location and its system status.

close up of steering wheel onboard Eelex 8000 from X Shore
The boat itself can also be paired with software on a smartwatch or phone

“This is a great boating monitoring system to put any captain at ease,” Keisu says. “Boaters can also opt for a built-in Sea Lab, allowing them to access real-time environmental data of the water being occupied, including pH (acidity) and oxygen levels.”

X Shore says its boats stand out for sustainability, in particular. “Boating is known to pollute our oceans with not only carbon dioxide, but also with oil, gas, noise pollution and non-recyclable boats being trashed in landfills,” the CEO says. “X Shore has purposely designed our boats with this in mind. We chose to build our boats with sustainable materials with the aim of keeping them out of landfills. We also chose to go with a 100% electric and silent motor to keep carbon emissions, oil, gas and noise pollution to a minimum.”

He adds: “Our boats are built with cork instead of teak, and recycled plastics, as well as optional Flax fiber instead of fibreglass and carbon fibre, to support a cleaner environment.”

In addition, the boat’s minimalistic and modular design allows for up to 15 different configurations for customers to customise the boat to their needs, from diving to fishing and water sports, with a towing capacity of more than 800 kilograms.

“X Shore’s proprietary software, smartwatch and mobile app allows for a seamless boating experience that is consistently updated to enhance the customer experience. For instance, via the Garmin watch, the boat can be unlocked, locked and turned on and off remotely, and has overboard safety features using Bluetooth technology.”

With electric modes of transportation becoming more and more prevalent within the motor yacht space, it would seem that X Shore, along with a number of other brands, are paving the way for a brighter future.

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